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Grading Midgrade (F to VF) Barber Halves

The photo to the left shows 6 stages of wear, from VF-30 To almost Fine or VG-10+. The highest part of the obverse design, and thus the first to show wear, is the area between the E and R of the word LIBERTY on the headband. This is the key area to check when grading Barber Halves.

VF-30 LIBERTY will be complete and very bold.

VF-20 LIBERTY will be complete but bottom of BER will be thin.

F-18 Letters ER not complete, usually bottom of E and left foot of R.

F-15 Upper 1/2 to 2/3 of BER shows plainly.

F-12 Only the top ot letters BER shows, and may be weak.

VG-10 The letter E is gone, and only a small part of B and R shows.

By carefully checking the word LIBERTY with a low power hand lens, I recomend a 4X to 5X, you should have no trouble grading midgrade Barber Halves.

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